Note: This is not an extensive list and I am always adding to my collection of projects! For a more recent collection of my work, check my GitHub:

Human Swarm Interface Prototype

GitHub Link

A prototype for an app used to conduct research related to Human Swarm Intelligence (meant to recreate this application’s functionality)

Built with JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Created in October 2019

Swarm Interface Demo


GitHub Link

A website that lets users search for words across several YouTube videos via video caption tracks

Built with Python (Django backend), JavaScript (React frontend), HTML, CSS

Created in August 2019 at TraceCamp with assistance from instructors


CUparkit - MLH Hackathon Award Winner

GitHub Link

A prototype for a website that helps users find empty parking lots based on historical traffic data

Created with a team of 4 in February 2019 at CUHackit: Devpost Submission

I collected and prepared the data used to train the parking lot availbility machine learning model. I also assisted in the implementation of firebase as a means of storing and accessing the data generated by the predictive model.